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smlxl Studios/Gotee artist Kevin Max is featured on the cover of the July 1, 2017 edition of CCM Magazine. Managing Editor Kevin Sparkman recently hung out with Kevin Max as he is releasing latest covers EP Serve Somebody (buy).

Playing off of the James Bond theme, Max said of covering a dc Talk favorite, “Yeah, Dan [Pitts] and I talked about it. I said, ‘Man, wouldn’t it be great for me to do a dc Talk song on this thing?’ He asked, ‘Which one are you performing on your solo set on the cruise?’ I said, ‘I’m not really doing any because the band is doing all the great songs.’ I thought about it…. Then was like, ‘Which song would I want to do if I had the chance to do it?’ It came down to ‘Red Letters’ because that was one of those songs that I felt like really never got as big of a listen from the Supernatural (buy) as some of the other songs. I love the musicality of ‘Red Letters,’ as well as the lyrics. We thought, ‘Hey, let’s tackle this. Let’s try to make it sound like a James Bond soundtrack.’ That’s what came out.… | READ full story at

The July 1, 2017 edition also features The City Harmonic‘s farewell CCM Magazine interview. Also, catch up with longtime favorite Solveig Leithaug in this Andrew Greer Q&A. New music reviews feature Seventh Day Slumber‘s Found, Stephen Christian‘s Wildfires, Tauren WellsHills And Valleys, The New Respects’ Here Comes Trouble, Jim Daneker’s AD ALTA and much more! Read the entire issue for FREE by clicking the image below:

Kevin Max, dc Talk, CCM Magazine - image

The Jul. 1, 2017 edition of CCM Magazine

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