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Allowing God’s Breath To Invade Every Detail, McNevan, Bruyere and Augustine—The Trio Known As ‘TFK’—Are As Tuned-In As Ever After Twenty Years Of Making Music

“We feel like we’re just getting started.”

In some ways, Trevor McNevan sounds like a young man just beginning fulfill his dream of “making it” one day. In others, it’s clear the Thousand Foot Krutch front man has been at this for quite some time.

Twenty years into a chart-topping career marked by well over a million albums sold, song placements all over television and video games, and a global fan base, McNevan has every reason to want to slow down. He’s now a family man with a young son and a daughter on the way. In short, he’s earned his stripes. Fortunately for TFK’s fans, McNevan and company are not the sort to rest on their laurels.

“You’d think releasing another new album might get old, since we’ve been doing this for twenty years now, but it’s still a new experience every time,” says McNevan. “Now that we’ve had the record ready to go the last couple months, we’re just chomping at the bit. I personally feel like this is our best record to date.”

McNevan’s “best record to date” description refers to EXHALE (buy), the band’s forthcoming set of summer anthems. TFK’s last two albums, 2012’s The End Is Where We Begin and 2014’s INHALE, both hit No. 1 after their release, and it’s fair to expect EXHALE to do the same, especially since it’s filled with the band’s signature stadium-ready hooks. INHALE, the sister project, showcased a more delicate side, while their newest is ready to let it all out.

“The live show is such a big part of who this band is,” says McNevan. “We’ve always put 150-percent out there while we’re playing our music, and these songs will expand on that for sure. The more intense the music is, the more intense the live energy and fan connection will get. We’re doing a headlining tour this summer, and we can’t wait to get out there and share these new songs with people and connect face-to-face with our fans.”

Hidden behind the fist-raising anthems and hard rock intensity is a very thoughtful band that continue to put themselves in tender, vulnerable places to write the songs that they do. Anyone well versed with the band’s significant catalog will already understand this, as McNevan’s songs have always given way to raw emotion and deeply personal experiences. It’s rock, but it’s relatable… | READ full story at

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