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If Ricardo Sanchez isn’t a familiar name to you, it’s more than likely that you’re acquainted with his many compositions. As a songwriter for popular artists from Israel Houghton to Hezekiah Walker, Sanchez is a spirited worship leader and songwriter whose heart is confident in his God-given talents. Truth is, this singer-songwriter is as multi-talented as his music (and life) is multicultural.

Inspired by the miraculous healing of God upon his son after a tragic accident, Sanchez penned his book, It’s Not Over: How To Keep Moving Forward When You Feel You’re Losing the Fight (2012, with foreword by Third Day’s Mac Powellbuy), in addition to creating the Worship2Windows worship conferences, engaging and empowering congregations of all shapes and sizes.

Coming off of his latest LP Grand Symphony (2015), his current project is a live affair, a celebratory night of praise entitled Taste + See (Difference Media, Sep. 29, 2017—buy) that showcases Sanchez’s varied musical palette. We recently asked Sanchez about the challenges of recording live, the first songs he ever penned and a new Spanish language project due early next year.

CCM Magazine: We’d love to give everyone a sense of where you come from as a musician. Do you remember the first song you ever wrote?
Ricardo Sanchez: I do. My father was a writer. He always wanted to be a musician, but he didn’t have a great voice—he could write, however. He and his brothers would go these bars and sing in Scottsdale, Arizona. They were very Latino in the middle of white suburbia. When I was five-years-old, my dad asked if I wanted to sing with my brother on a song that he wrote. I remember thinking it was fun. It was natural to who I was in my personality, always wanting to be in front of people.

When I was seventeen-years old, I met the Lord. I made a commitment to follow Christ through a ministry called Young Life, but I’d already been introduced to Young Life through a friend named Craig much earlier. I remember when we entered high school, Craig fell away, but I stayed with it. When I was a freshman, I was inspired to write a song called “Craig & I,” and that was what thrust me into writing Christian songs.


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