CCM Magazine says, “Already one of 2018’s releases-to-remember, 4.5/5 stars!” and “Unique blends of jangly guitars, clean-synths, hip hop tones & poignant lyrics inspire a real call-to-action…” | READ full review at

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Summary | Remedy Drive returns with bold new music for 2018, furthering front man David Zach‘s message of abolition and counter-trafficking through poignant and passionate performances. CCM Magazine says, “4.5 / 5 Stars!”

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Kevin Sparkman
Mixed-Media Content Manager

After both on-stage and front-office experience in the Christian recording industry, (including co-founding Exit 3 Entertainment, Inc. and General Manager of hip-hop label Beatmart Recordings), Sparkman returned to Salem in 2014 from a Dir. of Communications position in the United Methodist Church. He became the Managing Editor of CCM Magazine in January 2015.

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