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dc Talk and Jesus Freak (buy)—reading those two names together sends a flood of emotion and nostalgia into the minds and hearts of Christian music fans everywhere. November 21, 1995 was the date this atomic music bomb dropped, and now twenty years later, Christians are still reeling from its devastatingly positive effects.

Through time, the message of Jesus Freak remains as strong and fervent as ever. What better a way to celebrate in this momentous anniversary, than by talking to two of the people that helped create this 90s classic record? CCM Magazine sits down with member Kevin Max and executive producer Todd Collins, to discuss the landmark album’s legacy.

If Jesus Freak turning twenty years old wasn’t enough to get dc Talk to reunite for even a one-off show, it might be uncertain it will ever happen, which is something that slightly bothers Kevin Max.

“It’s a sad tragic affair that there’s been no show. We need to do something. I’ve hit up both guys and they seem to be happy to do it, and I think it’s coming around,” said Max. “Obviously, Toby [McKeehan] had us on his album and we had a dc Talk moment. We had a couple of great conversations after it, and everyone seems open to it, it needs to happen for the fans.”

When discussing the impact of Jesus Freak on Christian culture and the world outside of contemporary Christian Music, Max agreed that it was a great “timing issue…” | READ full story at

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