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Beautiful. Wonderful. Powerful.

All three of these attributes—the backbone to the now “cheat song,” as a few of the Hillsong Worship members describe it (you’ll find out why by reading below), new GRAMMY win for Best Contemporary Christian Song/Performance, and current staple in church worship services Sunday after Sunday across the globe—happen to be words you will often hear in the every day language from the very creators of “What A Beautiful Name” (buy single).

Shortly after their trip to New York City where they were recently awarded the GRAMMY at Madison Square Garden, we got the opportunity to sit down with three of the worship collective members, Dave Ware, Brooke Ligertwood (one-half of the award-winning song’s writing duo), and Jad Gillies, where words of thankfulness and praise ensued. Also, be on the look out for the brand new album, There Is More to drop soon—more, beautiful worship from the Hillsong family.

CCM Magazine: Could you guys have predicted the response from the Church to “What A Beautiful Name?”
David Ware: …I couldn’t [laughs].

Jad Gillies: It’s all crazy because you just never know. When you produce or write a song, if anyone says, “I knew that was gonna be a hit,”…you just don’t know. The crazy thing about worship music is some things resonate with people and some things don’t. The crazy thing about “What A Beautiful Name” is it actually is about the name of Jesus, and I think with all the static that goes on and with everything that we could sing about—with everything that does get sung about—I think the simplicity of singing about the name of Jesus strikes a chord with people right now.


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