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For four close friends working even more closely together on a daily basis (most often, an all day-and-all-night basis), the differences couldn’t be more clear. This was evident within the first ten minutes of breaking bread together on an early Franklin, TN morning. The aptly named Johnny [Hamilton] (yes, his real name, as far as we know) is, of course, the drummer. Wide-eyed, the hockey enthusiast is a sensational conversationalist. His wife, Emily [Hamilton], from our perspective, is the mother hen of For All Seasons. Every band needs one, but what makes this unique is that she’s front and center, a position that also supports her vision casting nature for the group.

On the other end of the spectrum, Jeff Luckey is reverent, calculated, and swings much less from his hip than his counterparts—or, perhaps, the Henpeck Market coffee was taking a while to fully kick in? Randy Charlson is the true comedian—again, every band has one—but this guy really does have the “it” factor when it comes to the whole, “timing is everything” virtue (we imagine he’s the chief ice-breaker and late-night gut-buster of the bus). But for all of their many differences, it’s what brings them together is the reason you’re even reading this. Releasing their Centricity Music debut EP Clarity Jan. 2018, stay tuned to CCM Magazine as over the course of the next several weeks, we will be exclusively previewing new music to be featured on the forthcoming EP.

We certainly enjoyed meeting the members of For All Seasons…we now invite you to do the same. Follow the links below for  highlights from our early morning hang out, as they breezed through town to close out one leg of their current cross-country radio tour. To watch the official lyric video from “Higher” (buy single), the first track released from Clarity and to read the in-depth Q&A feature in CCMmagazine, please click the “play” button below:

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Kevin Sparkman
Mixed-Media Content Manager

After both on-stage and front-office experience in the Christian recording industry, (including co-founding Exit 3 Entertainment, Inc. and General Manager of hip-hop label Beatmart Recordings), Sparkman returned to Salem in 2014 from a Dir. of Communications position in the United Methodist Church. He became the Managing Editor of CCM Magazine in January 2015.

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