musicians corner story behind the sonG “WhoM ShALL i feAR” ARTiST: chRiS ToMLiN ALbuM: burninG LiGhts ReLeASe DATe: JANuARy 2013 It’s rather an understatement to say that Chris Tomlin has impacted the way we worship over the years. One of the most sung songwriters in the world, he has consistently delivered songs to the church that are relevant, simple, yet profound and always with a message of hope and trust in our Sovereign God. His latest album, out in January 2013, Burning Lights, most definitely falls right in line. Featuring collaborations with Phil Wickham, Christy Nockels, Lecrae, Ed Cash and more, this is possibly one of Tomlin’s best albums yet. The lead single, “Whom Shall I Fear” captures that magic as well as any track on the record. The song came about from a late night phone call from Chris to Ed, whose wife had just awoken from a nightmare. In that moment, they were reminded of the story of Elisha and the servant whose eyes were opened to the flaming chariots and angels of God surrounding their enemies. (2 Kings 6:17). Not long after, the song came about, painting a picture of the strength of our God. And reminding us all that whatever fears we have in this word...we have an army of angels by our side. C C i . CM C M M Ma a g g a a z z in n e e .c c o o M M