Your world by Caroline lusk UnspeakabLe the traGedy in newtown leaves a nation stunned, heartbroken and seekinG December 14, 2012 will likely become yet another day that will live in infamy. This is the day that 20-year old Adam Lanza stormed Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and killed 26 people. 20 of those were children, ages six and seven. As a writer, I’m left with painfully feeble words to convey the magnitude of this tragedy. So, I’m going to share as a mother, a daughter and a child of God. First, nothing I or anyone else can say comes close to comprehending the loss these 26 families and the families of the other people who will likely be traumatized in many ways for many years to come, are experiencing. Around the world, expressions of sorrow, condolence, outrage and horror have poured forth. Evil like this doesn’t make sense. Losses like this shouldn’t happen. Ever. Amongst the many words that have been spoken and the expressions of sympathy, have been countless promises of prayer and empathy from the unlikeliest of sources. News programs, journalists, celebrities, strangers online...have been uttering phrases like, “We’re praying for you.” “You are in our thoughts and prayers.” “We are hurting with you.” Out of the blackness of an unconscionable loss flickers a dim, but constant flame of hope and love. Just as in life, these children, who brought countless smiles and endless laughter to parents, grandparents, teachers and friends, are now bringing countless others together if for no other reason than to share the pain—to help each other carry the burden of this sadness. And here’s where I’m forced to pause. As a human and especially, a parent, I struggle to see any good or any sense in this. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t CCMMagazine.coM