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Phillips, Craig & Deans Randy Phillips Raises $15,000 to Support Armed Forces

Phillips, Craig & Deans Randy Phillips Raises $15,000 to Support Armed Forces

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
NASHVILLE, TN. NOV. 23, 2010 - Randy Phillips of Phillips, Craig & Dean recently donated $15,000 from his Texas Ranger’s fan favorite tune, “The Claw,” to Col. Dave Jones of Ft. Hood’s Phantom Trackers unit. The full proceeds from the song will go to support the families of the 400 piece squadron while they are serving in the most dangerous parts of Afghanistan for a year, and ensure that their families experience memorable times during their deployment such as celebrating Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries.

“The Claw,” written by Phillips and gospel rap artist Canton Jones, grew to fame amongst the Dallas and Fort Worth area during the Texas Rangers baseball season. Outfielder Josh Hamilton also got behind the tune as well as local television and radio stations in the area as the Rangers made their way into the World Series. Radio stations such as KLTY had Phillips on the air every week to give updates on the total amount raised, and local ESPN networks, the CBS affiliate and more also had Phillips on for interviews to promote the song.
When launching the sale of the song on, Phillips always had the intention of donating the raised funds to the military, specifically the Ft. Hood army base in his home state of Texas. “I wanted to do something noble with the funds if God chose to bless this quirky song,” explains Phillips. “Those serving at Ft. Hood and their families have such a huge place in my heart.”  Phillips also wrote “Wishing On A Christmas Star” for the holiday season with proceeds from the song benefitting the USO Wounded Warrior Program. The song is written from the perspective of military personnel being deployed during Christmas, and missing loved ones. For more information and to hear the song, visit


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