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Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill Celebrate Debut "Dare To Be" Events

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
This past weekend women in Oklahoma City and Lafayette gathered to celebrate the debut Dare To Be events. This revolutionary event features Nashville based four-time GMA Female Vocalist of the Year and 2012 GRAMMY Award® nominee Natalie Grant, alongside international speaker and author Charlotte Gambill.
Dare To Be, a brand new live women’s event birthed from a realization of a dream from two close friends, kicked off its 2012 spring tour on April 12. The tour continues through April and May (click here for dates and tickets). Both events this past week included a packed house of women from all walks of life aiming higher, stretching further – rediscovering their God-given dreams.
Presented by World Vision and sponsored by Regent University, the Dare To Be nationwide events highlight Grant and Gambill’s unique American, English combination. Each evening features Grant’s musical talent and Gambill’s powerful speaking, bringing to life a practical interpretation of God’s word that remains alive for our everyday challenges.
In addition to the evening programming, Grant and Gambill are honoring a local extraordinary woman in every market – someone who is currently daring to be. Anyone can be nominated by sending a nomination email to and sharing why the nominee should be honored.
Last weekend, two women were honored at the Dare To Be events. After a life of hardships and losing her son in a tragic accident, the Oklahoma City honoree Fay Glenn remains a pillar of strength for those around her.  In Lafayette, honoree Allison Prince is a wonderful example of a single mom working diligently to support her family while maintaining two jobs working 24-7 each week and still giving back to others in need. Crossroads Church partnered with Dare To Be and donated $1000 to Allison Prince in honor of her continuous dedication to her family and community.
What women are saying about Dare To Be:
“There really aren't words to express how amazing DareToBe was. If they're coming near you...GO!”
~ Tweet from @aguilbert
“Enjoyed "Dare to Be" in Lafayette, LA Had an AWESOME TIME!”
~ April, Facebook post
“Amazing weekend at Dare to Be in Lafayette, La. Thank you, the experience has forever changed me!!”
~ Jamie, Facebook post
“DareToBe rocked my world!!! I am forever changed...God encouraged me, challenged me & dared me to be” ~ Tweet from @karina268
“Such an inspiration!! Enjoyed tonight's Dare To Be.”
~ Verna, Facebook post
“Dare To Be was amazing!! Thank you for the great messages!! Can't wait until tomorrow!! I'm blessed to have had the chance to be a part of something so great!!”
~ Allison, Facebook post
“Thank you for a wonderful evening in OKC. You and Charlotte spoke deep, meaningful and powerful words.”
~ Roe, Facebook post
“Awesome tonight!!!! So inspiring and moving you guys rocked!!!! Thank you for an awesome show, your story was moving, and touching and so heartfelt. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! Best of luck with the rest of the tour.”
~ Christina, Facebook post
Grant and Gambill are also asking women from around the world to join this movement and share how they "Dare to Be" - living for the one thing God has called them to be. Women can participate by writing their "Dare to Be" message on a piece of paper and signing it with their name and location. They are encouraged to take a picture while holding the sign and Tweeting the picture with the hashtag #daretobe or email to


posted by anonymous at 4/23/2012 12:08:52 PM
Dare to Be, changed my life! The fear of the unknown and taking that first step and letting God do the rest, I am just in awe of how God has used this. I took the dare and stepped out on faith, and the SECOND I did that God ran to me and opened a flood gate of blessings. Grant and Gambill are such a blessing and I am so glad I got to go that night in Lafayette Louisiana!! I am also no longer an Eoar I am the happy donkey!
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