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Jason Eaton Band Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Jason Eaton Band Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
(Detroit, MI) – Michigan based pop Christian band, the Jason Eaton Band, has launched a new fundraising campaign with Kickstarter to garner funds for their new project, a 5 cut EP which will feature the band’s international hit single “Satellites”, a hooky pop reggae single released through Shamrock Media, Infinity Music, and the band’s label JEM Records earlier this year. The band has lined up 5 new hit songs they have written, including “Satellites”, and teamed up with Grammy® winning producer Kene Bell (Toby Mac, GRITZ). Set for release in the Spring of 2014, the sophomore project will highlight the band’s new emerging sound which is an eclectic pop vibe with surprise elements of other genres giving the listener a truly diverse listening experience. “With this Kickstarter campaign we wanted our fans to join with us and be an integral part of our music, “ explains Jason, front man for the band, “our fans have been so supportive of our ministry and we cannot imagine doing this without them.” The band has resonated with fans worldwide, garnering national airplay in Germany, Albania, Russia, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, and Australia. The US and Canada have also generated many fans in the radio play they have received, the touring they have done, as well the many main stage appearances at Christian festivals where they have performed. For more information you can go to the site and search the Jason Eaton Band or visit the bands website at:
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