Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Faces: Allison Durham

Sissy Goff

As Allison Durham and I discussed her new album, Walk Into Freedom, one word seemed to dominate the conversation, a word that holds a lot of importance to both Allison’s music and ministry; passion. Walk Into Freedom is very passionate and energetic," says Allison. "I think there is something about each song on the album, even the fast ones, that contributes to the whole album having a very passionate feel. A lot of times Christian music creates that and allows that passion to come out a lot more because of the message that we carry."

With all of its energy and passion, the pop sound if Walk Into Freedomappears to be the perfect musical fit for Allison. It has taken the completion of two previous albums in the genres of southern gospel and inspirational music, however, for Allison to find that fit. "I think, as you’re growing up, you go through a lot of changes. As you head into adulthood, you’re susceptible to a lot of different voices. At some point, you decide which one of those voices is really you. I think a lot of that is the leading of the Holy Spirit and a lot of that is just finding out who you are in Christ and where your place in Him is supposed to be. So, I think my record is as focused as it is because I’m finally listening to what my heart is saying and acting on that with full force.

With her new sound and a new record label, many changes have come about for Allison, one of the most noticeable being her name. Although Allison Durham Speer is now using only Allison Durham, she wants to make sure that everyone knows she is still very happily married to her manager, accountant, and best friend, Brian Speer.

Brian has also added his songwriting talents to Allison’s album along with many other renowned writers in the field. Although Allison co-wrote on two songs, her favorite is a song written by Geoff Thurman, Michael Puryear and Dave Clark. "The lyric to ‘Love Never Looked Like This’ is so timely. As we have seen in the last few years, the deterioration of the home and family life is becoming more and more prevalent. I think a lot of people never see what unconditional love is. I think we as Christians, need to realize that God’s love goes beyond all that we are and all that we could ever become. If we can realize the magnitude of His love and that it has absolutely no boundaries, I think we would all be so stinkin’ devoted that we’d take over the world.

With her powerful voice, timely message and passionate heart, Allison Durham has set out to do just that. "When I first signed on with Star Song, people kept asking me what I wanted to say. As I have thought and prayed about it, I’ve heard the Lord say time and again, ‘I don’t want you to say anything. Just keep your mouth shut.’ And when I read the Scriptures and look at what it was about the disciples that was so impacting on their world, I see them being so on fore and so passionate and so indwelt with the Holy Spirit that it becomes contagious to the people around them.

"Now each night as I walk unto the stage, I pray ‘Lord, You bring me to the surface whatever it is You want me to say tonight to these people. Just let my fire and my zeal be so incredible and so strong that people cannot help but be drawn to You.’ And, when that happens, we don’t need to say anything because our lives, when they’re lived in the glory of the Lord and for His glory, are more of a testimony than any song, book, lyric, sermon, or concert could ever be."

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