Monday, April 24, 2017
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Family Friendly Morning Show - Better Choices

  Each of us are faced with choices every day.  Choices on food, finance and family.  We are here to encourage better choices - and we invite you to join us.  Have you made a better choice lately? Got a tip to share?  Click here to Email us!


Looking to make better financial choices? Crown Financial Ministries has great resources at


In the area of exercise you may already be making a better choice- but burning calories without even knowing it.  Have you done any of these lately?


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Beating around the bush.
Jumping to conclusions.
Climbing the wall.
Swallowing my pride.
Passing the buck.
Throwing my weight around.
Dragging my heels.
Pushing my luck.
Making mountains out of molehills.
Hitting the nail on the head.
Wading through paperwork.
Bending over backwards.
Jumping on the bandwagon.
Balancing the books.
Running around in circles.
Tooting my own horn.
Climbing the ladder of success.
Pulling out the stops.
Adding fuel to the fire.
Opening a can of worms.
Putting my foot in my mouth.
Starting the ball rolling.
Going over the edge.
Picking up the pieces.

Happy exercising!


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