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Max Lucado   (December 2016)
Catching up with Max Lucado to talk about Christmas, his new Christmas book Because of Bethlehem – Love is Born Hope is Here, and much more.

Scott Hamilton   (November 2016)
Scott Hamilton stopped by to talk about his journey with cancer, the amazing event coming to his home town and Donald Trump.

Arlene Pellicane   (August 2016)
Doug & Jaci catch up with author Arlene Pellicane, to talk about her book 31 Days to becoming a Happy Mom.

Tim Cleary   (June 2016)
Tim Cleary is one of the team behind a new Bible-based MMO game called “The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance”.

Cyrus Nowrasteh   (March 2016)
Director Cyrus Nowrasteh stops by to talk about his new film, Young Messiah, the only film sharing the story of 7 year old Jesus and his family as they come to fuller understanding of His divine nature and purpose.

Sami Cone   (January 2016)
Our own savings expert Sami Cone stops by to talk about her new book, Raising Uncommon Kids – 12 Biblical Traits You Need to Raise Selfless Kids.

Claire Johnson   (December 2015)
17 year old Claire Johnson shares openly and honestly about her journey of being a sister to two boys adopted into her family and how the ups and the downs inspired her book, Timmy Turtle’s Adoption Devotions.

Max Lucado   (October 2015)
Max Lucado stops by to show us how to worry less and encourages us that many good days are still ahead. Also hear about his new book, Glory Days — plus Max says that faith is a choice.

Mark Lowry   (September 2015)
Storyteller Mark Lowry stops by to share his most embarrassing moment on stage, what his parents did right when they raised him, the story behind his incredible Christmas song “Mary Did You Know” and so much more.

TobyMac   (August 2015)
TobyMac stops by to talk about his new CD including a dcTalk reunion song, Toby also shares about balancing work and family and a song that tells the story of how he came to know Christ at a summer camp.

Jennifer Dwinell   (July 2015)
Jennifer was in the 1st grade in Cokeville WY in 1986 when her school was taken hostage and a bomb exploded. Listen as she tells her miracle story, a story now on the big screen in the new movie The Cokeville Miracle.

Mark & Jan Foreman authors of the book Never Say No  (July 2015)
Mark & Jan Foreman (parents of Jon & Tim Foreman of the Christian band, Switchfoot) talk about their new parenting book and how parents need to nurture the relationship and say “Yes” more than “no”.

Martha Williamson creator of Touched by an Angel  (June 2015)
Learn how the fan mail from “Touched” inspired a new venture into faith and family entertainment, Signed, Sealed, Delivered – plus Martha shares the incredible story of her wedding and everything that went wrong (you won’t believe it)

Matthew West (May 2015)
Matthew West joins us to share stories and songs as a part of 24 performances in 24 hours on the day his new project Live Forever releases.

Chris August (April 2015)
Chris August fills in for Jaci and shares stories and songs from his latest CD The Maker – including a very open and honest sharing about his battle with depression and pain medication and how God used Big Daddy Weave to bring him a place of healing.

Rebecca St.James (April 2015)
Doug & Jaci catch up with Rebecca St James to talk about her new book One Last Thing; how proud she is of her brothers, Joel & Luke in “for King & Country” and loving on her 14 month old daughter Gemma.

Richard & Jonathan of the Franklin Fire Dept (February 2015)
Firefighters Richard and Jonathan stop by to share tips on fire safety, having an escape plan for the kids and details on their Citizen’s Academy.

Phillips Craig & Dean (January 2015)
Randy Phillips, Shawn Craig & Dan Dean stop by to share stories behind some of their biggest songs and pass along wisdom they have learned from their wives.

Mark Schultz (December 2014)
Mark Schultz stops by to talk about a new song he wrote with his wife - “Different kind of Christmas” – after her father passed away. Also, Mark is having fun with his two young sons...

Danny Gokey (December 2014)
Danny Gokey shares lessons he learned from American Idol, talks about Christmas memories, and how God allowed him to find love again after the passing of his first wife, also about the homeless ministry “Sophia’s Heart”.

Kirk Cameron (November 2014)
Kirk Cameron stops by to talk about his new movie Saving Christmas, what it’s like home schooling his 6 kids, and he gets to sing with Jaci.

Max Lucado (October 2014)
Author & Pastor Max Lucado stops by to share his wisdom about prayer and the power of a simple prayer.

Jeff Allen (September 2014)
Comedian Jeff Allen stops by to make us laugh, share some parenting advice and love on those wonder women who pour into our kids with home VBS and bible studies.

Rush of Fools (August 2014)
Wes & Kevin from Rush of Fools stop by to talk about new music, family and adoption and a story about how one of their songs saved a life.

Guy Gilchrist (July 2014)
Guy Gilchrist, the cartoonist behind the Muppets and Nancy stops by to share stories of how being poor was the best gift God could ever give him and how Miss Piggy saved his life.

Michael W. Smith (May 2014)
Michael W Smith stops by to share about his new CD “Sovereign” and talk about being the “G-Daddy” to 10 grandkids!

MercyMe (March 2014)
Mike, Bart, and Barry of MercyMe drops by to talk about their new CD – raising sons vs daughters – Bart expands a tweet he sent about the Super Bowl half time show and we play the game “5 and Dime”.

Steven Curtis Chapman (February 2014)
Steven Curtis Chapman stopped by to share updates on his gifted children, details on the “Glorious Unfolding” CD and Tour, and we put Jaci and Steven against each other in a very entertaining “Name Your Own Tune” game.

Best Selling Author Karen Kingsbury (November 2013)
Karen Kingsbury spends two mornings talking about the power of a story, how her husband married her even after she tore up his Bible, walking her pet turtles and stories of changed lives through Karen’s powerful stories.

James Denton & AJ Michalka from Grace Unplugged (September 2013)
Doug caught up with two of the starts of the new faith based film, Grace Unplugged,  James Denton & AJ Michalka.

Michael & Duncan from the Newsboys (September 2013)
Michael & Duncan from the Newsboys stop by to talk about their new CD Restart, the terrific teachers in their lives, and comparing life on the road to life at home.

Matthew West (August 2013)
Matthew West stops by to play us a song, talk about his house full of girls and share about his new book, Forgiveness.

J. Jackson of ApologetiX (August 2013)
Doug catches up with J. Jackson, the man behind the band “ApologetiX” – that Christian Parody Band.
Larry the Cucumber of VeggieTales (August 2013)
Doug & Jaci welcome Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales as he shares about the latest adventure MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle.

Steve Peterson of Liberty University Online (June 2013)
Doug & Jaci catch up with Steve Peterson, Executive Director of Admissions at Liberty University Online, to talk about online learning.

Calvin Lehew and Stowe Dailey Shockey Authors of Flying High (May 2013)
Doug & Jaci catch up with the authors of Flying High - A True Story of Shared Inspiration to talk about overcoming fear, battling cancer and being all the God wants you to be.

Amy Grant Co-Hosts the Family Friendly Morning Show with Doug (April 2013)
While Jaci was in Europe singing with Michael W Smith – Amy Grant sat in to share about life, aging parents and new music...

Building 429 (April 2013)
While Jaci was in Europe singing with Michael W Smith – Jason and Michael from Building 429 stopped by to talk about current events, the power of music and how Jason helped lead his father to the Lord...

Larry the Cucumber (April 2013)
Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales stops by to talk about the new DVD “The Little House that Stood”...

Kirk Franklin (March 2013)
Catching up with Kirk Franklin talking about partnering with Jeff Foxworthy in Season 2 of  The American Bible Challenge on GSN.

Matthew West (March 2013)
Matthew West stopped by to share about his latest song “Hello, My Name is” – he admits to having a painted toe nail or 2 as help raise his girls – and sharing more about the power behind the song - “Healing has Begun”.

Steven Curtis Chapman (March 2013)
Steve Curtis Chapman shares about his Deep Roots blue grass recording of his favorite hymns. We’ll also hear updates on his kids, his wife Mary Beth, and the process of renovation and moving back into their home following the tragic loss of their daughter Maria.

“Papa Joe” Bradford (March 2013)
Catching up with “Papa Joe” Bradford, the real man behind the inspirational film “Unconditional” – a true story of redemption and love – from prison, to healing to new hope.

LIVE Love Songs from The Katinas
Valentine’s Day 2013 was a powerful time with amazing stories and great LIVE music from the Katinas – Listen to each song with their Valentine message.

Jaime Jamgochian (January 2013)
Jaime Jamgochian stopped by to share about her “Modest is Hottest” teen girl ministry – the tool box of a single woman and tears shed with Mandisa at the film “Les Miserable”.

Point Of Grace (January 2013)
Denise, Leigh & Shelley from Point of Grace stopped by to talk about resolutions –staying healthy through telling the truth – their ministry to teen girls and their moms (Girls of Grace) & what they want to pass down to their kids.

Mandisa (December 2012)
Catching up with Mandisa to talk about Christmas Music, Movies and why she’s always cold (future husband take note – the thermostat setting will be a part of the pre-marriage counseling) …

Steven Curtis Chapman (December 2012)
Steven Curtis Chapman stops by to talk about Christmas and his new Christmas CD Joy – including a special in studio performance of his 47th #1 song – “Christmas Time Again”

Mark Schultz (November 2012)
Mark Schultz drops by with an update on his Christmas Tour – stories and songs from his latest CD “All Things Possible” plus early word about his new “Remember Me” Foundation helping to care for orphans.

Newsboys & Larry the Cucumber (November 2012)
Listen as Doug & Jaci catch up with the Newsboys & Larry the Cucumber to find out more about their superhero DVD The League of Incredible Vegetables … 

Brandon Heath (October 2012)
Brandon Heath drops by on the day his latest CD Blue Mountain hits the streets – hear the stories behind the songs and more.

Mike Weaver from Big Daddy Weave (September 2012)
Doug & Jaci catch up with Mike Weaver from Big Daddy Weave to talk about the story behind his song “Redeemed” – how he tried to get his son to school on time – in the delivery room with baby #3 and how he and his wife met on “the” 9-11 .

Shari Rigby, actress in the movie, October Baby (September 2012)
October Baby is a powerful film celebrating life, truth and the power of forgiveness … Listen to our interview with Shari Rigby who plays the part of Cindy a mother who thought she terminated her pregnancy – until she meets her daughter Hannah.

Larry The Cucumber (August 2012)
Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales stops by to update Doug & Jaci on the latest Veggie DVD – The Penniless Princess-God’s Little Girl including a silly song about texting and the upcoming super heroes Veggie excitement.

Colton Dixon (June 2012)
Hear what American Idol top 10 finalist Colton Dixon had to say when we sat down with Doug before a recent “welcome home” event.

Scott MacIntyre (May 2012)
Don’t miss the encouragement and real life story of overcoming all the odds as Scott MacIntyre, the blind top 10 finalist from American Idol’s 8th season, shares about his new book, “By Faith, Not by Sight”.

Sheryl Griffin (April 2012)
Doug’s wife Sheryl talks about their “Billy Graham” philosophy and building a stronger marriage by having boundaries and guidelines for opposite gender relationships..

Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar (April 2012)
Doug & Jaci connect with Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar from the TV Show 19 Kids and Counting to talk about parenting, dating and their new book A Love that Multiplies: An Up Close View of How They Make It Work.

Kate Battistelli (April 2012)
Kate Battistelli, mom to Dove Award winning artist Francesca Battistelli, shares parenting tips with Doug & Jaci from her new book Growing Great Kids – Partner with God to cultivate His purpose in your child’s life.

Chonda Pierce (April 2012)
She’s on a diet, stressed about the dress and co-hosting of the GMA Dove Awards … Listen now to the full conversation of a phone interview with comedian Chonda Pierce.

Ruby (March 2012)
Ruby started her weight loss at 716 pounds, she's lost over 400 already. Listen as Ruby shares her heart about taking off her mask, not living as a shut in, and how she is touching lives with her “Real Time” events. Ruby also shares her thoughts about obesity show.

Cissie Graham Lynch (March 2012)
Billy Graham’s granddaughter, Cissie, about her part in the new DVD movie, “Three Hearts”. Hear how 3 children from Mongolia get brought to America for heart surgeries. And Cissie shares about her life as the wife of an NFL player, and how her granddad is doing.

Larry The Cucumber (March 2012)
Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales stops by to talk with Doug & Jaci about their latest DVD “Robin Good and his Not-So-Merry men” – plus Larry shares a special little ditty he wrote inspired by Jaci’s melody and Doug’s moustache.

"The Vow": Kim & Krickitt Carpenter (March 2012)
Doug & Jaci hear from the real life couple that inspired the movie – “The Vow” … What happens when your wife is in a major accident – survives – and doesn’t remember you at all? Listen as Kim & Krickitt Carpenter share their true story.

Josh Wilson (February 2012)
Josh Wilson shares his heart and music with us – including special in-studio performances of “I Refuse” & “Fall Apart” – plus hear Josh’s very romantic pre-Valentine proposal story.

Steven Curtis Chapman (February 2012)
Doug & Jaci catch up with Steven Curtis Chapman to talk about his latest tour - 25 years of making music – a special in-studio performance of his latest song “Long Way Home” plus stories behind the “All About Love” CD and much more...

Chonda (and David) Pierce (February 2012)
While Jaci was in NYC promoting her new CD “Diamond” – Comedian Chonda Pierce and her (author) husband David joined Doug to talk about chain saws in fishing boats, cookies & canes and killing Zombies.

Nic Gonzales (February 2012)
Taking advantage of a very unique situation, not feeling well, Jaci nudges her husband (Nic Gonzales from Salvador) to “go into work for me” … Extra cool thing – Nic brings his guitar and serves up 3 songs LIVE in studio!

Matthew West (January 2012)
Catch up on our recent time with Matthew West – including 3 special in-studio performances / hear how God spoke to Matthew through a turtle  / and find out Mandisa’s new name for Matthew.

Tim Tebow (January 2012)
Hear from Denver Bronco’s quarterback and committed Christian – Tim Tebow – as he shares about lessons learned through the sports he played as a child and how his faith helps his football.

Ginny Owens (November 2011)
While Jaci was away ministering in Brazil, Ginny Owens joined Doug to talk about her new CD “Get in I’m Driving” and she brought her keyboard for some special in-studio performances.

Rebecca St.James (November 2011)
Doug & Jaci catch up with Rebecca St James to talk about life as a newlywed, her new book “What Is He Thinking?”, her new movie “A Strange Brand of Happy” & the success of her brothers group – “For King & Country”.

Mark Hall of Casting Crowns (November 2011)
Inspired by their involvement with film “Courageous” - Mark Hall from Casting Crowns offers up some great parenting tips and advice for dads – plus shares about balancing work and family.

Jeff “the Mask” Medolla (October 2011)
Would you ever go on a reality TV show? Jeff “the Mask” Medolla from The Bachelorette talks about integrity on the show, his social experiment wearing a mask and more...

Steven Curtis & Mary Beth Chapman and SHOW HOPE (October 2011)
Win your way to CHINA with Show Hope – a movement to care for orphans. Listen to what Show Hope is doing in China and what the winner will experience on the trip … Also hear Steven share the story behind the song “Long Way Home”...

Aaron Shust (October 2011)
Aaron Shust shares stories and inspiration behind his new CD “This Is What We Believe” – including a special in-studio performance of “My Hope Is In You”. Also hear about the miraculous healing of his son, and more...

Tim West (October 2011)
Doug & Jaci talk with Tim West, creator of Band Angels.  Hear how the diagnosis of juvenile diabetes for his grand-daughter led the creation of putting God’s Word on kids boo-boos.

Matt Maher (October 2011)

Newlywed & new dad – worship leader & Canadian, all rolled into one – Hope you enjoy our time with Matt Maher.

Rachael Lampa (September 2011)
Doug & Jaci catch up with Rachael Lampa and talk about her return to music after getting married. Her husband Brendan joins us to share the story of the proposal and to play guitar as Rachael sings two of her new songs in-studio (“Remedy” & “Savior’s Face”).

Hona Amer (September 2011)
Need some straight talk about college? Want to save time and money? Listen to our interview with Hona Amer, author of “Smart Work U”. She’ll share her story about how she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in just two-and-a-half years.

Weird Al Yankovic (September 2011)
Listen in as Doug interviews one of his all time “heroes” – Weird Al Yankovic … You’ll hear about Al’s new kids book and app, how his music and concerts are ‘clean’ and for the family – plus connections to Paul McCartney, Donny Osmond and much more!

Mandisa (September 2011)
Listen now to moments you may have missed from the 2 hours that Mandisa spent with Doug filling in for Jaci. From her 100 pound weight loss to powerful songs and stories from her CD “What if we were real” to tales of American Idol –  you won’t want to miss this.

Larry The Cucumber (September 2011)
Doug & Jaci chill the studio and catch up with Larry the Cucumber to talk about the “Princess and the Pop Star” and other amusing happenings at Veggie Tales … Also, Francesca Battistelli joins us on the phone to talk about the value lesson of being yourself.

Todd Burpo (August 2011)
Doug & Jaci hear the amazing story of Colton Burpo’s trip to heaven as told by his dad - Todd Burpo, author of “Heaven Is For Real”.

Phil Wickham (August 2011)
Phil Wickham catches up with Doug & Jaci and performs two songs from his new CD “Response” and shares the good news that he and his wife are expecting their first child – a girl … Also Jaci offers tips for being on the road with infants …

Steven Curtis Chapman (August 2011)
Steven shares about his new CD “re-creation”, including a special in-studio performance. Steven also talks about continued healing since the loss of their daughter Maria and why he chose to re record many of his classic songs, and much more...

Dara Maclean (August 2011)
Doug & Jaci chat with one of the newest voices in CCM - Dara Maclean. We’ll find out about her Italian roots (but NOT to the mob) - her love of fitness - and the story behind her songs – “Suitcases” & “Unreachable”.

Jonny Diaz (July 2011)
Jonny Diaz drops in on Doug & Jaci to perform his favorite song off his latest CD – “Break My Heart” – and talk about baseball – proud moments with his mom and more.

Matthew West (July 2011)
Matthew West stops by to catch up with Doug & Jaci, sharing special in-studio performances of “One Less” – including a caller sharing her story of international adoption, “Strong Enough” & Matthew also talks about being the only guy in the house...

Mark Schultz (July 2011)
Catch up with Mark Schultz as he “co-hosts” the show with Doug – talking about his recent year long European break – new music – his love for veterans – cat wranglers – in-laws and more ...

Building 429 - "Listen To The Sound" (June 2011)
Doug & Jaci catch up with Jason, Jesse, Michael & Aaron – better known as Building 429 to talk about their new CD “Listen to the Sound” – and more...

Nicole C. Mullen (June 2011)

Doug & Jaci catch up with Nicole C Mullen to talk about her new CD “Captivated”

Chris August (June 2011)
Hear from the artist that took home 3 Dove Awards this year – including Male Vocalist of the Year and New Artist of the Year – Chris August … Listen as Chris shares the stories behind some of his biggest songs, “Starry Night” & “Seven times Seventy”.

Lemon AID Club (May 2011)
Doug & Jaci connect with the “Lemon Aid Club” – hear how this group of home-schooled kids is learning about business, money and making a difference through mission work around the world. Find out how you can help...

Dave Barnes (May 2011)
Dave Barnes sits in for Jaci and shares with Doug the stories behind some of his most popular songs… Also hear about the recent tour with Brandon Heath and “Granny” joins us as well … Did you know that Dave also does stand up comedy?

Todd Smith (May 2011)
Todd Smith from Selah fills in for Jaci on the morning show with stories behind Selah’s new CD “Hope of the Broken World” – hear about a very touching song that Todd wrote about his daughters and the importance of dads and daughters have a strong relationship … Todd also shares some of Amy’s story of her amazing weight (and guilt) loss.

Jaime Jamgochian (May 2011)

While Jaci is away, Jaime Jamgochian fills in with Doug and shares her story about how she came to Christ in her 20s at a very liberal music college – and more...

Dan Haseltine (May 2011)

Jars of Clay front man, Dan Haseltine, shares with Doug & Jaci about the bands “Blood Water Mission” and their journey to 1,000 clean water wells in Africa – and beyond …

Laura Story (April 2011)
Doug & Jaci catch up with Laura Story and talk about her new CD “Blessings” … Hear how God has been working in her marriage following the diagnosis of her husband’s brain tumor … And more...

Steven Curtis & Mary Beth Chapman (April 2011)
The power of prayer – the need for more of it – The international adoption crisis and how the loss of a child could lead to the death of marriage all come together has Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman share from the heart with Doug & Jaci.

Maryanne Abbate (April 2011)
Have you ever lost a child? Were you mad at God? The loss of Maryanne Abbate’s son Luke is the inspiration behind a new film “The 5th Quarter” and she shares honestly with us about how she dealt with that anger and more …

Jonny Diaz (April 2011)
Doug & Jaci hear from Jonny Diaz who shares about his new self titled CD (including the bonus cut – “The Chick-Fil-A Song”) and a special in-studio performance of his latest single...

Krista Klumpp (March 2011)
Doug & Jaci catch up with Krista Klumpp who just ended her time on the CBS TV Show – “Survivor : Redemption Island”.  Hear about what it was like being a Christian on the show and what comfort item she was able to share with another believer on the show – Matt.

Larry The Cucumber (March 2011)
Doug & Jaci chill with Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales to talk about a new Veggie Worship CD “Hosanna” – featuring Amy Grant and Mark Hall from Casting Crowns – then Melinda Doolittle from American Idol calls in to talk about working with Larry on the new DVD – ‘Twas the night before Easter.

Rebecca St.James (March 2011)
Doug & Jaci connect with Rebecca St James who stopped by to give us an update on all the things going on in her world – from new music to a new book and planning her wedding ...

Pattie Mallette (February 2011)
Doug & Jaci catch up with Pattie Mallette, mother to one of the biggest pop stars on the planet – Justin Bieber. Hear about how Pattie keeps Justin spiritually grounded, what words of encouragement she has for us, and how we can best pray for Justin.

Kerrie Roberts (February 2011)
Listen as Doug catches up with Kerrie Roberts … We’ll find out more about her hit “No Matter What” … How she helped America get ready for the latest season of American Idol and what it was like touring the world, singing back up for Engelbert Humperdinck.

Martin Luther King Jr Day – Interview with Pastor Chris Williamson
Doug and Jaci V talk with Pastor Chris Williamson of Strong Tower Bible Church. What’s the big deal about MLK day anyway? I’m not racist – so why should I care? What does Jesus say about this? TobyMac checks in on the last break to share his thoughts.

Audio Adrenaline (January 2011)
Doug and Jaci V catch up with Will and Mark from Audio Adrenaline on the one year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake. Hear more about where Haiti is now and how best to pray for their continued recovery.

Chonda Pierce (November 2010)
One of the most hilarious interviews (since the last time she was on) - you must listen to all of comedian Chonda Pierce’s time with Doug … Talking about her time on “The View” – how you can’t post to your son’s Facebook when he’s older – and find out what mainstream TV host told Chonda “You are the first Christian to be nice to me”.

Dave Barnes (October 2010)
Listen as Doug catches up with Dave Barnes to talk about a new Christmas project, his time on All My Children and a special in studio performance of his hit song “God Gave Me You”

Nicol Sponberg (October 2010)
What do you say when someone has suffered a great loss?  What did people say and do for Nicol Sponberg and her husband after the loss of their 10 week old son?  Hear about that and more – plus Nicol talks about some of her new music that is helping her through the grief.

Rebecca St.James (October 2010)

Catch up with our favorite “Aussie” – Rebecca St James as she shares about family trips, new music and some new spiritual insight and encouragement. 

Bebo Norman (October 2010)

Doug and Jaci V. interview Bebo Norman on the Family Friendly Morning show. Listen as Bebo talks all about his new album, "Ocean".

Chris August (October 2010) Chris August is interviewed by Doug. Chris talks about his song "Starry Night". Also hear about Chris' favorite baseball team, and his upcoming Christmas tour with Point of Grace, as well as hearing about the song "Seven Times Seventy" on His new album called No Far Away.

Larry the Cucumber (October 2010)
VeggieTale's Larry The Cucumber is interviewed by Doug and Jaci V. Larry talks about the new Veggie Tale album, "Bob & Larry Sing the 80's". Also hear about the new VeggieTales Christmas DVD called "It's a Meaningful Life" of which Steven Curtis Chapman had written and performed a song for.
Matthew West Victoria Hearst (October 2010)
Does money bring happiness? Paris Hilton has the money but is still searching … Hear the story of an heiress who found happiness in Christ. Victoria Hearst – sister to Patty Hearst who was kidnapped in 1974 – she shares very frankly about her own story & the truth that growing up with money and privilege does not give you a peaceful heart.
Matthew West Paula Parker (October 2010)
Do your kids think that the Bible is boring? Do they love the latest fiction stories but can’t seem to get into God’s greatest story? Please check out our interview with Paula Parker – co-author of the book “YHWH – The Flood The Fish & the Giant – Ancient Mysteries Retold”.
Matthew West Secretariat (October 2010)
Doug catches up with Hollywood director Randall Wallace to talk about his most recent film – “Secretariat” – the true story of the greatest race horse in history … You’ll also hear more about one of his best known films – “Braveheart”. From elements of faith in this recent film, to what Randall hopes the audience will take away from his movie – this is an interview you’ll want to hear and a movie you’ll want to tell others about.
Max Lucado (October 2010)
Marking 25 years in publishing with over 100 million items in circulation, Max Lucado catches up with Doug & Kim to talk about getting off our knees and rolling up our sleeves – Max’s new book (and challenge) is “Outlive Your Life: You Were Made to Make a Difference.”
Matthew West (August 2010)

Hear Doug & Matthew West talk about Matthew’s most unique CD ever … “The Story of Your Life” The CD releases October 5th and the songs on the project are all inspired by your stories!

33 Miles 33 Miles (August 2010)
Jason & Chris from 33 Miles talk about their new CD “Today”, their upcoming Christmas project and their tour with JJ Heller & Chris and Conrad …also hear why Collin left the group.
Professor Lewis Baldwin Professor Lewis Baldwin (August 2010)
The power of prayer in your life and the life of a great civil rights leader. Listen as Doug and his pastor Chris Williamson talk with Vanderbilt University Professor Lewis Baldwin about his most recent book “Never to Leave Us Alone – The Prayer Life of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.” 
Michael O'Brien Michael O'Brien (August 2010)
Former Newsong front-man, Michael O’Brien shares about the power of prayer in marriage along with new music from his latest CD “Be Still My Soul.” Find out more about Michael at Be sure and listen to cut 5 – this one was not heard on the morning show - it’s Michael’s tip about what you can do right now to make your marriage stronger.

Newsboys (August 2010)
Doug & Jaci Velasquez interview all 4 members of the Newsboys. Jeff & Jody talk about being new dads. We talk to Duncan about being the last Australian in the band and connect new lead singer Michael Tait … Will DC Talk do a reunion tour? What’s the latest in the Newsboys live show? Does Michael get sun burned? All of that and more is answered during this hilarious interview.
Jason Gray Jason Gray (August 2010)
Have you ever felt ‘less-than’? Saying to yourself – “God can’t use me because of (fill in the blank) … Listen to Jason’s encouraging story (and two awesome in studio performances) … Despite being a stutterer God is using Jason to communicate and encourage people in mighty ways.
Jaci Velasquez Jaci Velasquez (August 2010)

Talking motherhood, movies, falling in love and more with Jaci Velasquez.

Amish Grace - Kimberly Williams-Paisley Amish Grace - Kimberly Williams-Paisley (August 2010)

Doug & Kim catch up with Kimberly Williams-Paisley to talk about her starring role in the new Lifetime Movie Network film - "Amish Grace," which is based on a true & very tragic story. Doug and Kim also talk to Kimberly about her success in the "Father of the Bride" films. (Can you believe it's been almost 20 years since the first film came out?!)

JJ Heller JJ Heller (August 2010)
Did you miss our interview with J.J. Heller and her husband Dave? Listen now and learn how the show "So You Think You Can Dance" brought nationwide exposure to JJ's song "Your Hands." Hear special in-studio performances of "Your Hands" & "What Love Really Means" - the song that JJ says has connected the most with her audience - This song is AWESOME!
Liz Curtis Higgs Liz Curtis Higgs (August 2010)
Liz shares about her latest fiction work - "Here Burns My Candle", based on the biblical story of Naomi & Ruth - plus a challenge from Liz to reevaluate our relationships with our mother-in-laws.
Steven Curtis Chapman Steven Curtis Chapman (May 2010)
Catch up with Steven Curtis Chapman and learn about his wife's new book - which one of his kids is a new voice with Veggie Tales and details on a heartfelt memorial to Maria with the Nashville Symphony and "Cinderella"
MercyMe MercyMe (May 2010)

Doug & Kim connect with Bart and the guys from Mercy Me to talk about their new CD - "The Generous Mr Lovewell" and the heart behind this project.

Nicholas Sparks Nicholas Sparks (March 2010)

Doug & Kim talk with author Nicholas Sparks about the new movie "The Last Song" starring Miley Cyrus. A Christian father of 5, you'll definitely want to hear what Nicholas did to bless his wife with the first big paycheck he got after selling the rights to his book "The Notebook".

Eva Kor - Surviving the Angel of Death Eva Kor - Surviving the Angel of Death (March 2010)

Hear the incredible story of Eva Kor, who was sent to a Nazi death camp at age 10. She survived and now shares a powerful lesson in forgiveness. Eva is author of the book "Surviving the Angel of Death - The Story of a Mengele Twin in Auschwitz"

Amy Grant Amy Grant (March 2010)
Amy Grant talks about her new CD "Somewhere Down the Road" - plus a special in-studio performance of one of her new songs - "Find What You're Looking For".
Steven Curtis Chapman Steven Curtis Chapman (November 2009)
Listen to Doug & Kim's recent interview with Steven Curtis Chapman, including a live acoustic performance!
Kutless Kutless (October 2009)
Making music since 2000 - it's hard to believe this is our first interview with Kutless!
Avalon Avalon (October 2009)
Listen as we catch up with Avalon newest member - Amy ... And Janna is expecting!

Addison Road (September 2009)
The only artist we currently play with their own I-Phone App - listen to our recent interview with Addison Road including two bonus cuts that we didn't have time to feature on the show.
Newsboys Newsboys (September 2009)

Catch up with Michael, Duncan and Jeff from the Newsboys. Strange...Avalon somehow got in the pic too! Look for an interview with them soon...

Michael W. Smith Michael W. Smith (September 2009)

While Kim was on vacation, Michael W. Smith joined Doug as co-host.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz (September 2009)

Listen to Doug & Kim's recent interview with Mark Schultz!

Point of Grace Point of Grace (August 2009)

Find out what's up with Point of Grace!

Toby Mac (August 2009)

Listen to Doug & Kim's recent interview with Toby Mac!

Rebecca St. James (July 2009)
While Kim was out, Rebecca St. James stopped by to fill the co-host chair.
Jim Breuer Jim Breuer
Listen to our full interview with Jim "Goat Boy" Breuer from Saturday Night Live.
Ruby Ruby
Little People Big World Little People Big World

Michael English (2008)

Racial Reconciliation

Doug & Kim talk with Pastor Chris

Denver & the Mile High Orchestra on FOX Denver & the Mile High Orchestra on FOX
Remembering Rich Mullins Remembering Rich Mullins

October 21, 1955 to September 19, 1997

Jim Caviezel on The Word of Promise Jim Caviezel on The Word of Promise
Liz Curtis Higgs Liz Curtis Higgs

Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible

More Liz Curtis Higgs More Liz Curtis Higgs
Catching Up with "President Bush" Catching Up with "President Bush"
Kids Love Travel Kids Love Travel
November - Adoption Awareness Month November - Adoption Awareness Month

Mary Beth & Emily Chapman

Extreme Makeover - Home Edition Extreme Makeover - Home Edition

CCM Magazine (2006)

Jay Swartzendruber

Fear Not DaVinci: Using the Best Selling Novel to Share Your Faith

Fear Not DaVinci: Using the Best Selling Novel to Share Your Faith

Susy Flory & Gini Monroe

Josh McDowell Josh McDowell
Songs from the Neighborhood

Songs from the Neighborhood


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