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CREATE! 2011 Songwriter Contest Songs

Listen to many of the 2011 CREATE Songwriter Songs.


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CREATE! Songwriter 2011

Song Title Artist Play
A Beautiful Day Marcia Howell and Sarah Rutt
A Little Time Karen Goh
A Man Like Me Chris Rasper
Abba Chuck Mock
Abba Father Chad Clifton
Abraham Patrick Flood
Again Adam Klutinoty
All Praise to the Potter Jeffrey Lyle, Van Walworth
All the Earth FJ Fortner
All Things New Jordan Biel
All to You Chuck Mock
Amazing Grace Cyndi Connah
Angel of Love Beka Stibral
Arms Stretched Wide Robby Berry
At The Cross-Remix Wade Gwyn
Baby Jesus Tiki McPherson
Balance David Lehman
Be Mine Phil Parker
Beautiful Jeannie Gowen
Beauty in the Scars Caleb Holtz
Because Sandy Doss
Because I Have You Michelle Ramsey
Because of the Cross Jules Riding
Believe Ryan Weimer
Better Haley Deandrea
Black Memorex CDR Adam Schoch
Breakaway Matthew Price
Calling Out to Heaven Chuck Mock
Can We Dance Bethany Burnett
Caritas Carlos Nogueira
Change Me Doug Hefty
Chasing You Ja'Vohn Paul
Chorus of Silence Frank Fortner
Christ in Me Rob Rogers
Come Closer to Me Israel Valle
Come With Me Micah Dobbins
Costumes Katarina Stevens
Crazy Love William Connor, Jr.
Dancing in Heaven Chuck Mock
Dave's Song David Grana
Deliverance Chris Rasper
Desire You Meredith Stodghill
Desperate Michael Collins
Drinkin' Daisies Steve Billings
Enough Shekinah Langford
Everybody Wants Love Kathleen Phillips
Everything Beautiful Jamie White
Everything I Am Brendon Reiners
Everything of Me Nick Hill
Everything's Gonna Be Alright Suzanne Spencer
Follow Me Jerrod Byrne
Follow Me Ewen Carruthers
Forever Yours Jason Powell
Gladdening Light Matthew Browne
Glimpses of Heaven James Mershon
Glorify Hubert Stufflebeam
Glory Hallelujah Eddy Small
Glory to you Lord Eric Strelow
God Knows Your Name Jon Good
God of All Who Hurt Chuck Mock
Good Morning Alice Taylor
Good To Me Justin Wells
Grabbit(While You Can) Downpour
Hallelujah One More Brent and Judy Koehler
Hands and Feet Chuck Mock
He Came From Heaven Michael Landers
He Found Me Sandy Doss
He Is Greater Erik Bledsoe
Heart of God Tony Factor
Heaven's Mystery Eddy Small
Heavens Throne Jeff Steele
Here With You Amy Lim-Johnsson
He's My Friend Gary Jenkins
His Great Love Jennifer Struve, Forever Amen
His Name is Jesus Bobbie Jo Snow
Hold on Natalie Housel
Holy Brent Pruett
Holy is the King Anastasia Gibson
Holy is the Son of God Kayla Padgett
Hope is Here Chad Clifton
How Wondrous Your Love Jared Abraham
I Am Home Jerrod Byrne
I Am Those Kinds of People Micah Smith
I Am Yours Chad Clifton
I Believe Chris Rasper
I Believe in Miracles Amy Lim-Johnsson
I Can See Mason Peters
I Can Use You Pat Gehan
I Can't Be Here Jamie Nunnally
I Come to the Cross Kevin Winch
I Give You My Life Eddy Small
I Got Favor on My Life Dr. Denise McAllister
I Have a Dream Arnold Casey
I Know What You're Worth
I Need More Alan Hart
I Remember All Amy Lim-Johnsson
I See You Now Jeremy Metz
I Spoke to a Wise Man mark Peabody
I Surrender Shane Freese and Dan Friesen
I Surrender Elisia Dias
I Will Believe Jerrod Byrne
I Will Follow Amy Irby
I Will Stand Daniel Gonzales
I Worship You Jennifer Struve
I'll Be With You David Wood
I'll Never Know Tayler Buono
I'm a Traitor Phil Jones, Mike McNamara
I'm Your Faith Jeni Dominelli and Stacey Moore
I'm Yours Micah Dobbins
Impure Chuck Mock
In The Vine Pastor Lomavita
In Your Hands Samantha Paul
In Your Name Stephen Alfieri
Into Your Arms (Now I Lay) Brandon Powell
Invade My Soul Todd Medina
Invade My Soul Todd Medina
It Feels So Good Now Ja'Vohn Paul
It's Ok To Cry Beka Stibral
Iva June - A Love So Strong James Mershon
Jesus Chris Rasper
Jesus Save Me Jeremy Metz
Killing me John Morrow
King Forever Ryan Kiesshauer
Lead Us Home Samatha Catalano
Leading Light Nancy James
Learning How to Die Bill Sanchez
Let Go Karla Colonnieves
Let It Be Amy Lim-Johnsson
Let Me Live Again Michael Everson
Let Us Seek Him Chad Clifton
Lifeline Christ Rasper
Lifeline Brent Pruett
Lift Up Your Name Chuck Mock
Like an Ocean Amanda Frazier
Living it Free Nick Gaultney
Living Water Samantha Paul
Lonely on the Cross Matthew Carter
Lord Lift Me Higher Jeff Arnold
Lord of My Heart Neil Jamison Leach
Lord You Reign Kayla Padgett
Lost and Found Ryan Floyd
Love Is Karen Goh
Loved Chad Clifton
Make Me New Marissa Tingus
Maker Make me Like New Frank Fortner
Mercy Christopher McCoy
Merry merry Christmas Gwendolyn Hernandez and Joey
Miracle of LIving Rebekah Bruton
More of You Andrew Himes
More Than a Holiday Jamaar McKelvey
More Than Enough Angela LaRae
More Than Enough For Me Corrie Bush
My Earnest Plea Meleissa Creel
My Little Man Suzanne Spencer
My Love Song Rory Burnett
My Offering Elisia Davis
None Like You Brent Pruett
Now We Are Royalty Courtney Graham
On My Side Theresa Lindell
Only a Prayer Away John Berkebile
Our God is Alive Matthew Browne
Pages to Write Frank Fortner
Paint my heart Rachel Kanter
Praise Be Blake Dimodica
Presence Andrew and Laura Coronado
Proclaim Your Name Samuel Pelton
Prodigal Angela LaRae
Pull Me Through Shekinah Langford
Questions Andy Martin
Reaching Out Bart Fortenbery
Reason I Sing Tommee Profitt
Recovery Casey Hicks
Red Jonathon Cullwell
Reflections of Julia Matthew Carter
Rescue Me Mac McDaniel
Rest In Him Jason Weller
Satisfied Wade Gwyn
Save me Chris Rasper
Seeker Jackie Joy Whitmoyer
Shadow Jodic Butau
She's Crying Tammy Grace
Show His Love Gretchen Morgan
Show Me The Way Randy Chandler
Sing for You Ginger Luckey
Snowflakes Falling Nick Gaultney
Soldier of the Cross Jorgen Runquist
Solomon's Road Chuck Mock
Someday Chad Clifton
Somethin' Bout the Way Travis Hurley and Ryan Smith
Song About Jesus Christen Zoccolante
Standing Katarina Stevens
Stay Katie Walker
Still Gretchen Morgan
Stop The War Chris Rasper
Story Chuck Mock
Strong Enough Samantha Paul
Symphony Emily Greenwood
Testify Mason Peters
Thank You Jeff Brown
The Beautiful Song Anna McGee
The Blood Covers All Ruth Coleman
The Cost Dustin and Lydia Ours
The Days of Promise Edward Lee
The Gentle Breeze Brad Solomon
The Glory of God's Name Chris Luttjohann
The Good in Me Terah Lynn
The Journey John Berkebile
The King Chris Rasper
The Lord's Calling You Home Phil Jones, Mike McNamara
The Love of Jesus David Pettigrew
The Nations Jaamar McKelvey
The Only One Rebekah Bruton
The Potter's Wheel Neil Jamison Leach
The Promise of Christmas David Edenbaugh
The Rain May Fall Chris Rasper
The Right Road Home Eddy Small
The Road Behind Me Michael Everson
The Song in My Heart Josh Resinger
The Wake Up Call Vincent Humphrey
The Way Nick Hill
This Goodbye Dan and Lisa Grant
This Love Miranda Filbeck
Three Bags of Beans Natalie Housel
Through Your Eyes David Wood
Time Demetrius Campbell
To Live Anna McGee
To Scarlet Ben Loper
Today Marcia Howel
Today Create Artist - Marcia Howell Discard
Today is Not Goodbye Michael Collins
Totally Free Chris Rasper
Triumph Jacquie Beatty
Trust Chris Lebron
Trust IN Him Michael McNamara and Pete Davis
Untouchable me Rachel Kanter
Vagabond Mitch Ellithorpe
Waitin' For You Kayla Padgett
Waive Sammy Nasser
Walk With Me Michael Green
Warrior Cyndi Connah
Wash Me Chris Duran
Waters of Noah Fred Yoder
We Lift Our Eyes Bill Fair
We Need Jesus Braxton Shaw
Well Done Chris Lebron
What Really Matters Suzanne Spencer
Whatever It Takes Thomas Kirish
When I Lift My Hands David Houck
When I Sing Katarina Stevens
When Jesus Is Your Story Kevin Breshears
Where Can I Find You Samantha Catalano
Who Will Darlene Jung
Who You Are Amy Lim-Johnsson
Wishing Well Steve Krell
With a Joyful Noise Kevin Breshears
With Fire Craig Headley
With Me Scott Hall and James Fulford
Wondrous Grace Natalie Housel
Worship At Your Feet Corrie Bush
Worth Fighting For Michael Whitworth
You Alone Cheryl D. Thomas
You Are Curtis Bush
You Are Jaamar McKelvey
You Are Amazing Dayna Varga
You Are God Lorne Young
You Are the One Robyn Swafford
You Are Welcome Here.. Wade Gwyn
You Are Worthy Jerrod Byrne
You Chose Me Laurel Woodring
You Have Stolen Ryan Shirley
You Love Carries Me Away Chris Rasper
You, You're Mark and Brett Chase
Your Glory Sandra Mollman
Your Name Will Be Justin Wells
Your Savior Meredith Stodghill
You're Gone Ray Wilder
You're The One Downpour
Y'shua Edward Lee

Bethany DeWitt, "Letting Go"




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